Steve Back - Pink Lakes
Abstract aerial image of the lakeshore of Hutt Lagoon in Western Australia. The surreal colours are naturally occurring due to the strong concentrations of certain algae

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R.I.P Machiko Soga (1938-2006). Tokusatsu villain specialist

Denjiman (1980) : Queen Hedorian

Sun Vulcan (1981) : Queen Hedorian

Spielvan (1986) : Queen Pandora

Jiraiya (1988) : Yonin Kumo Gozen

Zyuranger (1992) : Witch Bandora (also in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as Rita Repulsa)

Machiko was probably the reason I ever picked up blue lipstick at Hot Topic, now that I think about it. I still have my Power Rangers sweatshirt from when I was a baby.

everyone wait. take a minute…and think on this…

can you imagine, if her and Tina Turner made films together? like…think on it…

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Metal Slug

Steamy enough to be here because Metal Slug is fkn awesome k.

Metal Slug is fucking rad. I miss my Neo Geo :/

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, 1974

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